March/April 2013

TSJ Series: Spot On

Story by Jeff Copeland

In the past, I found that writing reviews on spotting scopes was a difficult task that more often than not produced an article that while informative, usually turned out to be a less than exhilarating read. Basically with a spotting scope, you look through one end, turn one dial to focus, another dial to zoom in and out and other than a general assessment of the quality of the optic, that‘s about all there was to it. Trying to make it interesting created quite a dilemma for me. Swarovski has totally abolished this dilemma with their new ATX/STX spotting scope system. They have truly given me a lot to talk about.

Anyone who has ever hunted western game, such as mule deer, elk or pronghorn antelope knows the benefits of having a quality spotting scope to assess the potential trophy before attempting a long stalk. They also know how heavy and cumbersome those optics can be when you have to haul them around all day in their packs. Up to this point, most hunters definitely have a love/hate relationship with their spotting scope. Now, enter the Swarovski X-Series, a modular spotting scope system. HD lenses deliver outstanding detail and amazing color reproduction that Swarovski is known for. The slim, ergonomic design has a durable magnesium housing with protective, noise-absorbing rubber armor to deliver reliable all-weather performance.

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