Thirty years ago, I fished with a catfish expert named Bob Fincher. He’s the only man I ever met who chose the town in which he lived based on how many chickens were slaughtered locally. Fincher made and marketed his…


Predator Time!

Up on the Zeiss Victory Stage at the 2017 Dallas Safari Club Hunting Expo and Convention, predator calling legend, Byron South, was answering question from the audience about best times to call, how long to call, what animal distress calls…

105_Teal Hunt-01

Texas Never Disappoints, Early Teal Season!

Got an invite from a good friend Tyler & my cuz Bailey to come out for early Teal season, not one to turn down an offer for a spot on the season opener I made the trip. My guy is…

97_Mid Day Hunting-01

Mid-Day Hunting

“Think I’m going to watch football, Texas is playing one of the old Southwest Conference teams, and I do not want to miss the game.” spoke on of my “Tea-sip” friends. “Beside no self-respecting mature whitetail buck would be caught…


Photographing a Trophy

If you’re interested in such things, by now you’ve seen many photographs of dead bucks, white-tailed deer, mule deer and pronghorns. Most have likely been okay photos. The rest are evenly divided between good photos and horrible photos. When I…


Rainbow Trout

Winter is the season for one of the state’s few put-and-take fisheries. Beginning in early December, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) plans to stock about 100 fishing holes with rainbow trout. The stockings should total about 300,000 fish….


Wild Rose Apparel

Calling all ladies! Texas native and outdoor enthusiast, Lindsey Gates, has launched a very moving outdoor women’s apparel line, Wild Rose Apparel. Lindsey saw a need for women’s outdoor apparel with an ever-increasing number of women participating in outdoors sports….

96_Play the Wind-01

Playing the Wind

Experience is sometimes a harsh teacher. I had roamed the woods behind our rural Texas home throughout the summer of my twelfth year, scouting for deer. Back then because of screw worms our whitetail population was, to say the least,…