Texas Never Disappoints, Early Teal Season!

105_Teal Hunt-01

Got an invite from a good friend Tyler & my cuz Bailey to come out for early Teal season, not one to turn down an offer for a spot on the season opener I made the trip. My guy is a member of Halls Bayou Ranch, a 25K acre sportsman’s paradise! First day out was a bust, had to deal with a trespassing poacher, second day on the other hand we were busting ducks!

105_Teal Hunt-02

We had the best spot tucked in the brush, they began coming in, my friend’s girl Lulu nailed the first one then it was on for the rest of us!

105_Teal Hunt-03

Kinda slow at first, a quick adjustment to the spread made all the difference. A couple here, a couple there, had 11 come in the decoys, 6 didn’t make it out, woot woot! Several great shots were made by us all, numbers started adding up.

105_Teal Hunt-04

The day began warming up, and so did the flights of Blue Wing, we picked up 17 by the end of the morning! Was a good trip out for a great hunt, Texas never disappoints!

Already have a Texas state Red Head mount, had to top that, how could I? Got an idea in the blind and ran with it! Began thinking it over and put my people to work, got to give thanks to my guy Tim at Apex Custom Woodworks and my taxidermist Tommy Armstrong at Touch of Class Taxidermy for bringing my idea to life in memorializing another great hunt!

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