In the Field

104_Spoiled at OC-01

“Spoiled” on Hunting at Oak Creek

You’d think I’d just confessed to beating my son and his puppy with a tire iron the way people reacted to my admitting that I’d never taken my son hunting. The elated responses I got varied from, “But you’re an…


Texas’ Other Deer

White-tailed deer get the lion’s share of Texas deer hunting publicity, and rightfully so. This state has over four million whitetails and arguably the country’s best whitetail hunting, whether you’re trying to bring home the venison or selectively shopping for…


Well Worth the Wait

Ever seen a kid on his birthday all hopped up on caffeine and sugar? That is about how I looked when my tax stamps for suppressors were approved. I have always enjoyed shooting with them, and the way the government…


The Wildebeest in My Sights

“The poor man’s buffalo,” that is what the blue Wildebeest is called somewhat sarcastically at times, but this in no way does justice to this magnificent African game. Yes, in it’s physical appearance it is clearly less massive than the…

72_Longest Dove Season-2

Longest Dove Season in 80 Years

Texas dove hunters have something to coo about when the longest dove season in 80 years begins Sept. 1—for most of the state. Dove season is 90 days this year. That’s 20 days longer than last year. Never mind that…


South Park

Colorado Fly Fishing I couldn’t help but listen to the stage whispers of anglers eager to reveal what they had found, yet cautious enough not to advertise the news loudly from the 14,000-foot reaches of the region’s five spectacular peaks….


Spring Turkeys

Things You May Not Know In Concho County last spring, my wife, Emilie, and I walked right past the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of spring turkeys. They had just begun their daybreak chorus in the pecan roost area that stretched about…